Government Projects

Louisville, Kentucky (LEED Certified Silver)

The building is six floors totaling 60,000 rentable square feet. Two floors provide structured secure parking and four floors provide office space. The building is precast concrete and designed to mimic the limestone façade of the US Federal Courthouse that is located directly across 7th Street. The building has a regular window fenestration pattern and the palladium window features at the lower parking levels are spandrel glass installed over solid concrete precast to maximize blast protection.

The site is located in the downtown core and fronts Broadway, which is a major east/west arterial. Broadway is a 120-foot wide right-of-way boulevard and the site design elements provide for the US Attorneys’ Office maximum efficiency and security. The site design maintains a 50-foot setback distance from building face to street and 50-foot setback from visitor parking to the east of the site.  Since the site is well located within the Central Business District, many amenities are within easy walking distance and the site is located directly on the public bus routes.

Services Performed

♦  Site Acquisition, Financing, Design, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management

Project Data

♦  Six Story Class “A” Facility
♦  60,000 RSF
♦  100 Structured Parking Spaces
♦  12 Surface Parking Spaces
♦  LEED Silver Certified Building
♦  Precast Concrete