Government Projects

Lawrence, Massachusetts (LEED Certified Silver)

This is a single-story Class “A” facility located in the Central Business District of Lawrence, Massachusetts. There is office space of 28,325 square feet with an additional 5,048 square feet of expansion space available at the tenant’s request and secure underground parking of 33,000 square feet.  This facility is LEED Silver Certified. Building features include skylights and glass curtain walls to maximize natural lighting and energy efficiency.  The agency is a division of the Department of Homeland Security that provides citizenship and immigration services to northern Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

Services Performed

♦  Site Acquisition, Financing, Design, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management

Projected Data

♦  Two Story Class “A” Facility
♦  61,325 Square Feet (includes underground parking)
♦  Brick Veneer with Steel Frame
♦  LEED Silver Certified Building
♦  Completed June 2009